New LJ.

My first social network I joined was LJ in 2005.
Now, in 2009 I have made a new account because I am not the same person I was those many years ago.
But then again, in some ways, I still am.
So add me.
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Wow. I though this site was dead.

So, I was on myspace filling out a bulletin survey and one question was, who introduced you to Myspace.
That got me thinking about this friend i use to have on here named Brad.
Then that got me thinking more about if this site was still alive.
So I found my password and logged on.
Now here I am.

It's interesting to be back.

I don't know if anyone remembers me though.
It's been years.

So yeah,
I have a myspace if anyone cares to talk to me.

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For some reason it was so hard to get my fingures to type thing address. But i finally did. And I'm back. I'm not sure how long I've been gone tho and I'm afraid that i'll be utterly lost when I read my friends posts. But I will try to get back into useing this site. I want to. So I'm not sure where to start....

um...I got the coolest scarf ever. Its black and white checkered! I'm wearing it now. Um...everything has been going ok.

Have I mentoned I bougth Panic! at the Disco concert tickets? I think I might have. Well anyways, 21 more days! Bloc Party, who was going to be the opening act isn't part of the tour anymore coz Matt, the drummer, had a collapsed lung so now I have to see freakin' Cobra Starship. It sux coz I bought Bloc Party's cd and was finally starting to love them. =(

Yuma finally got an In and Out Burger and I went to it teh 2nd day it opened, yesterday. We waited in the line for the drive thru for like 40 minutes. But it was so worth it. That place is so good. I love their french fries. =)

Um...well i guess thats all now. Hopefully will go on this tomorrow or something.


P.S. I'm reading hte Diary of Anne Frank and its so aweosme. I'm like really into the holocaust and everything. And 2 days ago I went to hottopic and I got the Panic! at teh Disco album! Its so cool! I love records. I also got a cassette Walkman last sadurday. Last sat. I also marched in teh vetrans day parde, and went to both goodwills we have and I went to the newest one twice. =)
the used

Whatever happened to my lunch box?

Hey guys. I know I haven't updated in a while, but I've been busy. 

A few days ago I got my Panic! at the Disco concert tickets. I was so excited! I'm gonna give Roberto his tomorrow coz I forgot today.

I now am reliving my 5th year beginning band year....But this time I'm playing.....The cornet. Yes, the slightly smaller trumpet thingy....I don't know if i mentioned this before but w/e.... Mr coach dude is letting people play another insturment in the 5th grade band that meets in the morning. Me and Roberto are playing Cornet and Damien is playing a trumpet. We only got Cornet becoz he didn't have any trumpets left to loan. Oh well. Damien offered to let us all go to his house to practice but i had catechism, so i couldn't. -sniff- Maybe tomorrow. I hope.

William is playign percussion, and some other i thin kadvanced dude is playing trumpet. Dylan i think will also play percussion. Today he played his Baritone.

We didn't really have to go to class until Monday, but me and roberto wanted the last two trumpets(well, we just found out today they were cornets)the school had coz Jessica wanted to play trumpet. Thank God we got them and she didn't. :)

I'm having a little trouble playing today, but I think thats just coz I'm kind of sick. I'm probably getting up like 10 times in almost every class to blow my nose. But i didn't have to blow my nose in band.

So yeah. Mr coach dude said musicians were probably oneof the smartest people you'll meet.
Coz like, we have to do math and we learn another language(latin) and all this other stuff. I thought that was cool.

I went to the library and I got:


Michael Crawford in concert
Sarah Brightman in concert

Yes. I am a fan of them.But I think Randel Keith is a better Phantom than the original.Sorry. Randel is much more talented and he played like 3 of the main character dudes in the musical(of course at different times)


John Mayer's Room for Squares
best of the Yellowjackets

You know how you always look at a cd or something and you never pick it up or anything, but you've seen it so many times you just so tempted to look at them or to hear or read it? Well, thats how it was for this CD. They sound cool, but its odd. Like its kind of like mall music.  Mellow soft music with Lion King 'he lives in you' type of singing. Ya know? anyways, its pretty good.

Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band- The Phat Pack

omg. They added me on myspace once and I went on their site to hear them & they sounded FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! SO Once when I looked for them at some store they didn't have them, so I kind of forgot about them, but I FOUND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're so AWESOME! I'm so HAPPY!!!!!!! =D


John Mortimer's Quite Honestly

Okay, The only reason I got this was I saw the Phantom's mask(like on the cover of Gaston Leroux's book)and I had to pick it up. But it sounds like it has nothing to do with anything related to the Phantom. Oh well. I've read a few pages of it and its pretty good so far. And it takes place in London, so I'm excited about that. :D

So yea. Tomorrow is Club day so yay! I wonder who mr coach dude picked to bring in the cd this week. When he asks me to I'm either gonna bring: Allice Cooper's From the Inside, an Eagles cd, or the Blues Brothers. I'll ask him. lol.
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gah. I don't feel good. I burnt my mouth on a chicken pot pie two days ago and the next day(yesterday) my throat was hurting(along with the roof of my mouth and my toungue) so I figured it was because of that hot pot pie, but today my throat hurts, my nose is runny, and my head hurts. I'm hungary too, but it hurts when I swallow. And at 1:00 I have the first photography meeting for 4-H  in Winterhaven. 

Maybe looking at pics of brendon urie will make me feel better.

Oh, yesterday I got this magazine just for the Panic! poster inside. lol. It was 7 dollars too. But i love the poster. Its hung up right next to me on my wall. And right next to my eminem poster.

omg. Its so cool outside. I thnk i might sit out there. Its like 64 degrees. But then again maybe not. The windows and door are open and I'm near the door, so yeah, i can still feel it.
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MCR im not o fuckin k

life sucks.


i can't write. I had all this entry wrote and it got deleted! I hate the stupid backspace button!

And all I have now is this one stupid line I was trying to edit coz the stupid entry thingy was all jacked up so i had to pu it on word pad to edit then transfer over....

We accidently drew Europe too small and she got all pissy. and she just is really mean. And what sucks is I have her for Homeroom too. =(


I have no insperation to re write this. I'll update tomorrow...maybe....

falling feels like flying

Its so early! yet so late! 3:01am!!!!!WHOO HOO!!

ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so bored!!! 
It's currently 2:51AM and I have absolutly NOTHING to do! 
I've been reading fictionpress stories since I got back from william's party yesterday. 
I just left Roberto a long comment on myspace. His comment box was looking pitiful...He only had one other comment.
I wanna go to bed but then again I don't.
OH! You know how I was gonna go see Wicked in Tempe? Well, my mum called Gammage for tickets and they were ALL SOLD OUT!!! They've been selling since April so that's probably why. Curse me for not wanted to see Wicked sooner. But who knows? Maybe they'll come to a better place like San Deigo this season or even next season. Even if it'll be a different cast. Gammage looks like a crap who compared to other places...Well, I've only been to two other place(San Deigo Civic Centre and Pantages in LA) but they were waaaay better than Little ol' Gammage. Especially Pantages! It was B-E-A-utiful!
My head hurts.
I need to go to sleep.
I can't be staying up really late anymore. School will be started in 9 days. And I don't even haven't any school suplies yet. 
I wonder if they have any more messanger bags at Hottopic than the Pirates of the Carribean 2 ones. Those were the only ones I saw the last time I went there. But that was a long time ago and they're always getting different stuff.
Okay, my head really hurts now and my fingures aren't functioning well. I think I'm gonna go now.


Woah. I must me tireder than I though...tootles. -gag-

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falling feels like flying

The band were fuckin' wank and I'm not having a nice time.


Well, we're not in Vietnam, but I like that movie. Robin Williams is funny. His movies are hilarious...well, One Hour Photo isn't. And I'm still freaked out when I go to(or even walk by) the one hour photo counter at Sam's Club.  It looks just like the one in the movie! -shudders-

Anyways, my day has been good. I watched Joseph again(saw it yesterday) it's really good. But I'm thinking it would be even better with Amy Adams and Patrick Cassidy instead of Donny Osmond and Maria Friedman. But it was still good. I loved that everyone(except Donny) had English accents. So cool. When It started I saw those kids uniforms and I thought. British. When Maria started singing my mum said, 'hey,theyre English.' And I was like, 'Dur, couldn't you tell by the kids' uniforms?' She said she thought it was a catholic school. She says its a catholic british school. She's weird sometimes. 

I'm gonna watch it again tomorrow. After I was done watching it today I read the story in the bible. I haven't read it since last september. 

I read fanfiction. Listened to music. Talked to Roberto on MSN. Txted Kelsey and on Wednesday she and her mum are gonna pick me and Roberto up to go to her house.

I've been bored. I can't wait for school to start. Which is on the 21st. I hope I get Mrs. Gribble for Language Arts. She's my fav LA teacher(and I know coz I've had -counts on fingers- 5 in 2 years) The office opened a few days ago so we all should be getting our schedules in soon. I also hope I get Orchastra. And I hope our new band directour is a good one. Has a sense of humour and teaches well. Ya know? Jasmine(the TL at LeadU)'s brother was in a really awesome band but when their directour had to take a year off coz of cancer the new director was horrible and the band fell to pieces. Thats a horror story to me. I hope that doesn't happen.

So yeah. I have nothing else to say i guess....

oh, I seem to be always playing the middle man for Kiana and Amanda. They're always asking me, 'Is kiana on? is amanda on? is greg on?' agh. it gets annoying after awhile.

thats all.


No day but today!

Viva La Vie Boheme!

Forget regret or life is yours to miss!

Fake tales of San Fransisco!

Bye Mardy Bums!(for those of you who are grumpy or downbeat)

Cheerio mates!


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I'm so old! and I'm going crazy! I'm crazy and old!! -cries in a corner-

-sob- In 2063 my parents will be DEAD!!! My dad would be 99 and my mum 98! And my grandma will be long gone. and me? I'll be in my early 70s!!! agh! I wanna cry! I have to stop this right now. yet.... I cant. I'm in 2063 right now...2064. 

-makes thumb press red button- 
-screams and cries- 

I did it. All my tumb exersise just to press the red button. but i think it was for good. I couldn't go on. I mean come on! NO one wants to think about when they're in their 70s! what if I got to when I would be 100?!?!? I'd be dead! 

I'm gonna go read some fanfiction. -sniff-
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Thats it. I'm oficially insane. I'm typing with my right hand while pressing the down button on my cell phone with my left hand. I decieded to see how far my calender on my phone went. I'm currently on 2029. 2030. Now I'm going to put my birthday on march 24th, 2030. wow. I'll be in my late 30's by then. Just thinking about it makes me feel old. 2031....2034...2035!!!!
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